Five Ways To Earn Money From home

By Ivan Donoso

After being locked up for months and with unemployment rates increasing, I know that many people wonder how they can earn money while staying at home. Working from home has become the new primary tool of all entrepreneurs.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you will find a source of income that will bring you peace of mind during this time of crisis. Here is a list of five ways where you can earn money from the tranquillity of your own home

1.Utilize Social Media

It is essential to not only have some basic computer skills, but it is important to know how to use social media. Using social media is a fantastic tool to increase your income.

Online sales has become a number one trend. If you want to start a business or already have a physical store, social media will be a great ally to help increase your sales. Previously, brick and mortar stores only had local customers and were limited in their scope.

Today, the market is global and thanks to online networks, it is possible to reach a worldwide audience. Therefore, it is important to utilize social media in order to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

2.Writing and editing content

We all have different talents and if writing is your thing, you can get a lot out of it in this new digital age. Companies are looking for creative people who can create unique copy and content that will not only connect with the public, but tell a story.

They look for people who can create advertising content or make a good description of products. Some pages where you can create your profile for this type of work are Matador Network, LinkedIn and Lonely Planet, among others.

3.Online Clasess

We all possess unique qualities that others may not have but would like to learn. During the pandemic, learning a new skill online has become more prevalent. Teaching a language, an instrument, or a subject in which you excel in is an excellent source of income. Through video calls, you can contact potential students interested in learning or reinforcing knowledge in any subject. Some platforms that can help you interact with potential students are Kahoot, Socrative, Classcraft, Edmodo, etc.

4.Graphic design

Graphic design is in high demand within the digital world and one way to earn money from home. Advertising campaigns on social networks or on any interaction platform are increasingly abundant.

Logo design and unique content for companies and businesses is booming. If you are a designer, don’t miss out on these freelance opportunities.


5. Trading

Trading is considered to be one of the best alternatives, however it requires hours of study and practice before you start to see considerable results, If you want to enter to this world, my advice is that you have to take it seriously and professionally.

Trading is no different from any other job, one must always have those flight hours necessary to achieve the mastery of anything that is proposed. It is that knowledge, accompanied by time which will give you the best experience.

There is a lot of information available on the internet and tutorials on YouTube in which you can find reputable courses on each subject. There are also courses taught by prestigious universities and free organizations; it is a matter of spending the time to properly search. Remember that wanting is power and with determination, you can turn your home into a gold mine.