Knowmad The Dream Job

By Ivan Donoso

Have you ever seen a photo of someone working from the beach and thought, “Wow, what a delight to live a life like this”? Do you believe that these images are lies, and it is impossible to have a job travelling worldwide?

Nowadays, this kind of dream job is a reality that many young people are pursuing. But who are the Kowmads or digital nomads? The expression Kowmads came from the combination of two words, know, and nomads. This new concept was invented by the researcher and futurist John Moravec to define a person who works with his knowledge doing it from anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection using a laptop.

Kowmads, or in other words Digital Nomads, more to being a work alternative, is also a lifestyle that more and more people adopt. Still, like most things that become a trend, it ends up being the prey of more myths than truths. I will make everything clear to you about this new alternative work.

Knowmad Myths & Truths

Many people believe digital nomads are on vacation all the time, enjoying, travelling, and working relatively little. Others think that this option is a very remote possibility for a few because achieve dreams is just for some lucky ones. Perhaps, the worst misunderstanding is that it is a life option for rich kids who spend their parents’ money on travels and parties. But all these statements are far from reality.

Knowmad is not about living on vacation without responsibilities. Living as a digital nomad is closer to growing your online business and earning money while meeting beautiful people and discovering unique places.

If you decide to be a Knowmad, you will require vision, focus, work, discipline, perseverance, and time. Besides, the results you expect will sometimes come, sometimes not, and you will undoubtedly face significant challenges. By gaining enough experience, you will see that this choice will allow you to make things happen that would not otherwise be possible in your life.

This is something that anyone can do, knowing beforehand the sacrifices required to achieve it. Because while an average worker works 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, a digital nomad will work between 12 and 15 hours a day, but Monday through Monday.

My Jump into digital nomadism

I want to share something from my personal experience. In 2015, I was at the peak of my professional career. I was the Marketing Manager of one of the most recognized insurance companies in Colombia. One afternoon in April, I received the offer to be the Vice President of this important company. This fantastic news filled me with the energy to quit my job, due that same day, I understood that I did not want to continue working for a company that was not mine.

Today I am writing these lines from Toronto, trading North American stocks, studying Digital Marketing, investing in Crypto assets, surviving Covid-19 and working hard to achieve my dreams of independence by living, travelling and working worldwide.

I do not want you to see this experience as something impossible; I do not tell part of my story to boast or brag in front of anyone. On the contrary, I am very reserved with my things and relatively even quiet. I just want to positively impact many people and inspire them with a new way to live and work.

I also want to share what I had feared. I had some savings, but I did not know anything about travel, nor did I have references about being a digital nomad. I only had a steel determination, knowing that I would achieve my ideals without depending on anyone.

Do you still want to be a digital nomad?

If this is your life choice, you will have to work hard; remember that this tremendous effort is nothing more than the same that an online entrepreneur should have. You can travel, know and enjoy, but this life alternative requires a lot of dedication, sacrifice and determination.

When you are starting out, and you are just putting together all the gear for future residual income, and when you do not have the necessary education, you have to keep trying and never give up, always keeping in mind that so much effort will pay off.

In a few years, the day will come when you gain the necessary experience to start receiving considerable money as a digital nomad, perhaps twice the salary that any other conventional job would give you.

Digital nomadism, as a job possibility, is gaining strength, and there are many professions and trades that you can practice online. Nowadays, you can do almost anything online if you are creative and sell services that you can purchase virtually.

The exciting thing about this is that it is still a possibility you can choose from!