Five secrets to becoming rich!

Wealth is the result and an essential part of any project’s success in which you are working. Not delaying goals is the key to jump-start and reach your goals much earlier than you expect.

Today we will see five secrets that will help you mentalize in a very different way, always considering the wealth stage.

These are the secrets.

Do not just take note of what I am going to tell you next. Please internalize and rescue the points that serve you the most. If you are failing in any of them, try to change it. The road to success is not easy. You need to get uncomfortable and get out of your comfort zone.

1. Mentalize and focus on what you are doing.

You should not think that wealth is a financial state; wealth is a mental state; we have been taught that being rich means to has many zeros in our bank account, but that image of wealthiness will move away from more and more from our reality if we do not internalize that the right path to success is in our thinking way.

What should you do?

  • Get uncomfortable and stay away from what is distracting you.
  • Are you wasting time with your mobile? Turn off the notifications sound and, if it is necessary, put your phone as far as possible.
  • What is the solution? Establish a schedule for interaction. Just use it responsibly.  Take time off social media, and rest breaks after a job well done.

2. Get organized, Get Organized and Get Organized.

In addition to being an achievement, wealthiness carries many responsibilities, so it is vital to be organized. Warren Buffet, the prolific American investor, walks the Berkshire Hathaway halls, notices how organized his employees’ workspaces are and fires those who have a considerable disorder. Mr. Buffet always repeats, “If their spaces are chaos, likewise will be their results.”

Keep everything super tidy, and create a tasks list with your respective timetable; this will clarify your ideas and pave the way to excellence. Remember to avoid procrastination at all costs.

3. Make it simple and relevant.

My dear friends, the most important thing at this point is that you think very well about your goals. Are all the tasks you are doing getting you closer to your dreams? Are there some unnecessary tasks?

How should you start?

  • Begin by making your bed (Small achievements become too great satisfactions).
  • Make your to-do list; prioritize is the key.
  • Select the most important ones.
  • Cancel everything you don’t need: meetings, unnecessary commitments, etc.

Remember that the tasks that bring you closer to your goals are the ones that pay off.

4. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

My dear friends, the base of a wealth project is your health condition, and the balance between mind, body and soul is your main asset. Your body, especially your mind, gets set up for all the programming you give it. If you continue following the patterns that you repeat for long periods, the addictions will appear. So, you decide what activities you get used to doing.

What must you do?

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Seize the day from the start.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Do exercise.
  • Never end the day without giving thanks. This act is the food of the soul.

5. Take a break.

To rest is one of the secrets to being more productive that we can not ignore for anything in the world. Your brain gets tired too. It needs to be oxygenated and regain strength to ideas flow. It would be best if you made active pauses. For nothing in the world, skip lunch hours. Also, please avoid using the cell phone in these moments where the body needs to revitalize itself.

What should you do?

  • Stand up and do stretching exercises.
  • Take two to three minutes closing your eyes for a moment, and think about nothing.
  • After four hours of hard work, take a short walk around the area where you are.
  • Drink some water frequently and eat some fruit during the day.

My strong wish is that you are beginning to change your bad habits to reach the door of professional success and soon become tomorrow’s millionaires.

By Ivan Donoso

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